What is Magnimetrics?

Magnimetrics is a platform for automated financial analysis. Our mission is to bring efficient and structured financial analysis to the business world. We aim to empower our clients with an easy to use and streamlined framework where they can prepare automated template analysis to be subsequently performed on imported data.


Import Seamlessly from all your data sources.
Your analysis is built around Your data.


A smart Report Builder helps you automate repetitive tasks within your analysis. Build your own One-Click reports.


A vast library of ready-to-use financial analysis reports to get you started. Each template comes bundled with extensive documentation.


Build Teams within your company and give them access to various reports. Managers in the team can have Read-Only access and Report Owners can have Edit Rights.

Premium Support

Interactive tutorials to help you get up to speed with Magnimetrics. Premium support in creating custom reports dedicated to your business and organisation.

Help Us Shape Magnimetrics

We are currently shaping Magnimetrics. Development is now in the stage of designing and implementing our core functionalities, as well as testing different interaction scenarios, to build the most seamless user experience, while retaining full customisation capabilities, to provide our clients with a robust software, that will benefit them greatly in their financial analysis and subsequent strategic decision making.

We need your help to move forward in the best way possible, creating the right tools to bring you value!

You can help us greatly by filling out our Google Forms Survey. There is also a Reward if you do so! You get a ready-to-use Excel Benchmark Analysis template!

Click Here or on the image to the right to fill our survey, it only takes 3-5 minutes!

Thank you for the support!

Dobri and Ivo,
Co-founders of Magnimetrics 

Meet the Team

Magnimetrics is in initial state of development. So far the team comprises of the two co-founders. For updates, subscribe to our newsletter below.

Dobromir Dikov, FCCA, FMVA

More than 10 years of experience within audit, management accounting, financial modeling, budgeting and reporting.
Avid skier, vlogger and hobbyist developer.

Ivaylo Stefanov

More than 10 years of experience within software engineering and development, financial solutions integration and web development.
Avid diver, snowboarder and musician.

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