Your Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score Can Make or Break Your Business

We all know happy customers come back to do more business with our company. They also provide priceless word-of-mouth marketing by sharing their experience with others. Clients who rate our products and services as highly satisfactory are usually the ones that promote us to their colleagues, friends, and family. This improves both our conversion rates […]

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) – an Essential Business Metric

When we are trying to optimize the experience for our customers, there are many metrics we can track and aim to improve. The Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) shows us how much money a customer will bring to the business on average over the entire time they remain a paying client. Whether we decide to refer […]

Customer Churn Analysis in Excel

Customer Churn is one of the most essential metrics for any company with a subscription-based model. It shows the rate at which customers are leaving and switching their subscriptions to someone else. It’s paramount to understand and analyze churn, as even a slight increase in the churn rate can have devastating effects on our business. […]