Understand the Market Value of Equity

The Market Value of Equity of the company, also known as Market Capitalization, is the total monetary value of the firm’s equity. We calculate it as the current stock price multiplied by the number of outstanding shares. Therefore the MVE continually changes, as these two values are quite volatile. Analysts mostly use the Market Value […]

Dividend Discount Model in Financial Analysis

Introduction to the Dividend Discount Model The Dividend Discount Model (DDM) is used to estimate the price of a company’s stocks. The model is based on the theory that the present value of the stock is equal to the present value of all future dividend payments when discounted back to the present. If the present […]

Materiality in Financial Analysis and Modeling

What is Materiality The materiality of a transaction amount or a financial statement line item is determined based on the impact of a misstatement of information on the intended users of that information. If the stakeholder is most likely to alter their actions if we presented the information correctly, the mistake is considered material. And, […]