EBITDA Multiple for Business Valuation

The EBITDA Multiple is the most common method venture capitalists, and financial analysts use to value businesses as investment opportunities. If we plan to acquire a company or sell our own, EBITDA can be a great starting point for measuring the potential value in a sale. When we enter negotiations to sell or purchase a […]

Introduction to Enterprise Value (EV) of the Business

Once you start delving deeper into valuation and especially in the premise of mergers and acquisitions, you notice that Enterprise Value is an essential term in this field. A company’s value consists of its owned assets, but in reality, obtaining their market value can be tedious and resource-intensive. Following the accounting equation, we can value […]

Understand the Market Value of Equity

The Market Value of Equity of the company, also known as Market Capitalization, is the total monetary value of the firm’s equity. We calculate it as the current stock price multiplied by the number of outstanding shares. Therefore the MVE continually changes, as these two values are quite volatile. Analysts mostly use the Market Value […]

Terminal Value of the Business

What is Terminal Value? The Terminal Value (TV), or as it is also known, continuing value or horizon value, is the value of an investment or a business at the end of a specific period. A firm or project potentially has an infinite life, meaning its value is the Net Present Value (NPV) of cash […]