Process Costing in Management Accounting

Costing is an essential aspect of operations for companies that want to understand how their production absorbs costs. Only by gaining a solid understanding of the company’s cost structure can we start to control and optimize it. We can often divide the production process into specific jobs and apply the job costing method to them. […]

What is Job Costing in Management Accounting?

Job Costing is a technique from management accounting. It is a part of the internal accounting process to facilitate strategic planning and data-driven decisions. Management accounting goes down to the business’s basic units to understand profitability and help evaluate how successful management is in running the company. One of the most critical decisions for businesses […]

Performing Contribution Margin Analysis

Introduction The Contribution Margin is a significant financial metric that is sometimes neglected by managers. While profit margin is one we usually hold very important, it gives information only on the amount with which revenues exceed costs. On the other hand, Contribution Margin provides us with a way to see how exactly each separate product […]

Least-Squares Method to Estimate the Cost Function

Introduction Linear regression is considered the most accurate method in segregating costs into Fixed and Variable components. Like the High-Low Method and other methods, the Least-Squares Method follows the same simple linear cost function: However, most people consider the Least-Squares Method more accurate, as it computes Fixed and Variable Costs mathematically. When looking into costs, […]