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Our solution has been designed to be easily deployed and initiated. Moreover, it is meant to help you deliver on the practical aspects of your FP&A needs. The following videos showcase Magnimetrics’ key features and capabilities as well as general knowhow related to common FP&A needs across industries. Please let us know if there are specific additional topics that you’d like us to address through a custom video!

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The dashboard is where you find the project templates library. It also has a list of short videos that outline all features of Magnimetrics.

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A grid overview of all your projects allows you to manage settings and create new projects easily without changing between screens.

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Data Imports

You can create custom import templates that match your existing data and ensure updating your reports is a breeze.

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Assumptions are predefined numeric and text fields that you can reuse throughout your reports and analysis logic.

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Formulas are predefined calculations that remain the same throughout your periodic calculations and decrease human error and clutter.

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You can build custom reports which help you visualize your data and analysis in an easy-to-read format.

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Heading, Text, Page Break

When building your reports, you can use headings, rich text and page breaks to better format the end result.

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Tables show periodic data in custom formats allowing you to tailor your reports to specific users.

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Charts visualize periodic data in an easy-to-read format that allows your users to better understand trends and developments.

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Analysis Points

Analysis Points allow you to add custom logic to your reports using assumptions, imported data, and formulas.

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