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Magnimetrics Tools for Excel is a user-friendly add-in that simplifies financial modeling and analysis. It’s easy to deploy and helps you deliver on the practical aspects of your FP&A needs. Below is a range of videos showcasing our key features and capabilities. If you have specific topics you want us to cover, submit your ideas and we will consider creating a tutorial around the topic. Our goal is to help you streamline your financial modeling and analysis process, and we’re committed to providing you with the resources and support you need.

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Overview of Modeling Features

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Audit Formula

Explore the steps of a formula to better understand the way it flows and the data it references.

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Visibility Options

Bulk edit the visibility settings for worksheets within the current file by switching between Visible, Hidden, and VeryHidden.

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External Links

Review external links with the options to convert to static values and open the linked file or its location.

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Remove Hyperlinks

Remove all hypertext links from the current selection.

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Delete Empty Rows

Delete rows that are empty within the selected column.

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Trace Formulas

Apply the trace precedents and trace dependents to all cells within the selection at once.

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Named Ranges

Switch the visibility of all named ranges to Visible and delete all named ranges at once.

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Remove Warnings

Hide warnings within the current selection.

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Add Frame

Add a workbook frame to the right and bottom of the current selection.

Overview of Cells and Ranges Features

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Add Rounding

Wrap all cells within the selected range with a rounding function.

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Wrap all cells within the selected range with an IFERROR() function.

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Select All

Select all cells with numeric values, formulas, text, or errors.

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Change Reference

Switch the reference type of all ranges in formulas within the selection between absolute and relative.

Overview of Formatting Features

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Numbers Coloring

Apply predefined colors to cells with formulas, numeric values, links to other worksheets or external files.

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Sheet Formatting

Apply predefined formatting to the current worksheet.

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Table of Contents

Add a smart Table of Contents that can be easily updated, links to the respective tabs, and adds back links to itself.

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Apply Zoom Level

Apply a consistent zoom scale across all worksheets in the current workbook and move the selected range to A1 for each worksheet.

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Unhide All

Unhide all hidden rows or columns on the current worksheet.

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Copy Column Width

Copy the current selection’s column width and then Paste the same width to the column of each selected cell.

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Center Across

Formats the range to center content across many cells without having to merge cells.

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Format as Header

Format selection as a heading, using the preset colors.

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Format Settings

Change persistent settings for formatting (e.g., formatting colors, company name, currency, etc.).

Overview of File Management Features

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Save Without Links

Save a copy of the file where all links are converted to constants (all links are broken).

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Export to Files

Export each selected worksheet to a separate workbook.

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Import from Files

Import multiple workbooks to separate worksheets within the same workbook.

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Open Location

Open the location of the currently active file.

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Duplicate Sheet

Create multiple copies of the current worksheet with the option to list their names.

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Calculation Options

Switch between automatic and manual calculation mode for the entire workbook, or calculate only the selected range.

Overview of Other Features

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Shortcuts Manager

Manage features’ shortcuts and turn the shortcut functionality on and off.

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