Empower Your Business with Effortless FP&A

Transform Raw Data into Strategic Insights Instantly, Without the Hassle

How it works

Quickly Translate Your Financial Data Into Meaningful Insights

Apply our powerful reporting and analytics platform to your company data and automate your FP&A needs

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Seamless Data Import

Import data from MS Excel, Google Sheets*, QuickBooks*, Sage*, etc.

*Coming Soon

Automated Analysis

Explore a wide array of modeling options to gain actionable insights.

Custom Report Library

Leverage a report template or build your own from the ground up.

Key Formulas & Assumptions

Easily define formulas and assumptions to ensure consistency.

Public Templates

Benefit from and contribute to the community’s collective knowledge.

Complete Data Control

Retain full ownership of your private data and manage it in real time.

Dynamic Forecasts *

Automatically update your growth projections with new data.

*Coming Soon

Financial Comps Builder *

Generate trading compsets to substantiate valuation expectations.


Pitch Deck Builder *

Develop investor-ready company presentations for fundraising.


Key Benefits

Faster Turnaround

You can stop worrying about deadlines by relying on our automated approach.

Lower Costs

Our solutions improve your chances of getting a year-end bonus. Get it? 😉

Improved Accuracy

We take the concept of ‘checks and balances’ to a whole new level.

Solutions by Pain Point

A tool built for SMEs to achieve exceptional levels of analytical efficiency and productivity

Learn how to effectively tackle some of the most common FP&A pain points

Highly Manual
FP&A-in-a-spreadsheet is a tedious endevour.

We automate your workflow by helping you build customized, reusable reports. You can then focus on higher value-added aspects and avoid wasting time on manual work. Just load data, run your report, and repeat.

Version Control
Sh*t In - S*it Out. Get it?

No more copy-pasting between spreadsheets. No more endless quests to find the latest version of the file you need. We make it easy for you to use the right data in order to get to the right answer quickly and efficiently.

Spreadsheets don't make mistakes. People do. All the time.

We help you avoid common mistakes by allowing you to seamlessly define key formulas and assumptions. Using those consistently across your FP&A projects will greatly improve your overall productivity and accuracy.

Pulling data from different sources is no easy task.

We store your proprietary data in our backend and help you focus on the important stuff. You also don’t have to attach supporting documents when sharing a report, thus avoiding broken external links and issues with stale data.

Graduate from Spreadsheets to Fully Automated FP&A

Solutions by Use Case

Gain speed and accuracy...
at the expense of long nights and manual labor

Get from start to finish in your FP&A projects in record time and eliminate human error

Scalable, Automated Reports With KPI Tracking

Automated analysis that avoids the constant manual work that spreadsheets require
  • Leverage your existing spreadsheets for input data.
  • Customize your templates for any needs & audiences.
  • Move fast with one-click report refreshing.
  • Translate your data into actionable insights.

Catalyze the performance of SMEs and small teams

Don't worry about complexity and cost. It's as easy as a calculator… and as pricey as a latte
  • Benefit from a simple yet comprehensive FP&A tool.
  • Easily onboard your staff and avoid outside consulting fees.
  • Enjoy a cost-efficient offering designed to fit any budget.
  • Move away from hiring expensive full-time FP&A specialists.

Take out the constant anxiety associated with management reporting

Taking your management reporting to the next level is easier than you think
  • Map existing financials using a self-explanatory template. Once.
  • Create summaries that fit your internal nomenclature.
  • Calculate financial ratios, industry metrics and various KPIs.
  • Export ready-to-send PDFs with consistent formatting.

Create forward-looking estimates for your business or division

Set the foundations for a successful business built on educated decisions
  • Set and flow core financial assumptions in your reports.
  • Build scenarios and quickly test out various hypotheses.
  • Avoid version control issues typical of spreadsheets.
  • Perform budgeting exercises with automated rolling forecasts.


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